Things Women Should Know About Masturbation

What comes to our mind when we see or hear the term ‘masturbation’? There are many facts and myths concerning this topic. Masturbation is a common activity. It’s a natural and safe way to explore your body, feel pleasure, and release built-up sexual tension. It occurs among people of all backgrounds, genders, and races. Despite the myths, there are actually no physically harmful side effects of masturbation. Masturbation refers to touching your own body for sexual pleasure. The parts of the body touched during this activity include vulva, clitoris, labia, vagina, breasts, or anus. Masturbation can be super fun. Many people actually do it, especially the teenagers. It should not be a daunting process to anyone, instead, one should enjoy it because the sex feeling is simply natural. People have different reasons why they choose to masturbate. Masturbation is a good way to learn about your body and your sexual feelings without having sex or do sexual things with somebody else. Masturbation can be a good option if you want to avoid the risk of being exposed to unwanted pregnancy or contracting STDs.

The Best Tips for Masturbating

If you're not sure how to masturbate or just looking to learn some new tricks for women, try these female masturbation tips from sex experts

Explore it when you have enough time with very little pressure. Give yourself enough time to explore your body, and don’t pressure yourself to reach orgasm. Let it happen with no pressure, and if it doesn’t happen, be grateful because you are gathering valuable clues about how to make yourself experience the best feeling.

Learn from others. You need to watch created content that depict realistic sex for more inspirations. Femme videos can also give you better ideas on how you can do it on your own.

Use a tool. There is a variety of sex toys available for use. All these methods and tools will help you get the job done in different ways. You should carry your own research to know which tool and method suits you best.

Have enough lube. Lube is a liquid or gel that one uses during sex to lessen friction, increase pleasure and intensify sensations. Therefore, in any kind of stimulation you like, lube should be included in the list.

Start the process from outside and gently penetrate inside. The erectile tissue of the G-spot is found about two inches into the opening of the vagina and it is often felt when one is aroused and the tissue swells. Clit stimulation unlike G-spot, usually produces yummy sensations instantly.


Mix up your stimulation. Achieving orgasm via vaginal stimulation may require mixing up your sex life in a few ways, such as by using lubrication, trying new positions, and maximizing your sexual arousal.

Free up your mind. You might have everything to make good sex, however, you should also try to consider you mind. Having a relaxed mind will make everything work out well for you.


Benefits of Masturbation in Women

There are more health benefits that come with masturbation

Good for vaginal health.

Masturbation increases blood flow to the genitals, which is important because blood flow keeps the vagina healthy

Masturbation feels good.

It's a sense of sensual release that you find yourself having no control over and letting yourself go because it's just too damn good. Masturbating can cause you to release healthy amounts of essential hormones like dopamine, endorphins, oxytocin, testosterone and prolactin which is why it can positively affect your mood and physical health. Masturbating doesn’t just feel good, but, it’s also legit good for you. And that’s true no matter which of the many different ways to masturbate you choose.

Self-Pleasure can help improve sex life with partner.

If you reach orgasm, the hormone oxytocin is also released which reduces the presence of our stress hormone, cortisol. Knowing what feels good is important for more than the obvious reason and once you know what brings you the best feeling, you can teach your partner.

One can increase a stagnant libido.

Masturbation is a means to kindle our eroticism, explore our erogenous zones and enhance our libido. Studies show that the better we love ourselves, the better we can love others. Masturbation can also increase an individual’s sexual appetite when you are with a partner. These kind of pleasures that we look for ourselves are actually good and improve neurochemical and hormonal systems in our bodies.

Masturbation is another way to appreciate and show yourself some love. It will give you a space to freely present yourself and establish connection between mindfulness and pleasure. You will notice a lot of improvements when you find time to pleasure yourself and make it a routine. Masturbating can be a very pleasurable path to a state of Zen.

Good sleep. 

We have many tips of getting ourselves asleep. One may choose to take a hot bath, others may limit their alcohol intake and some may prefer masturbating before sleep. When you orgasm, your body releases a mix of neurochemicals, including oxytocin, serotonin, vasopressin, and prolactin, all of which can help prepare you for sleep. Orgasm as a proponent of better sleep also plays a part in achieving better sleep. Masturbation can actually be effective in treating sleep disorders.

No one will legislate your orgasm. 

It doesn’t matter who or what turns you on, you should feel free to do it without shame. Studies show that women become more powerful when they masturbate.

In conclusion, we can say that masturbation reveals how we all like pleasure and good things. Best of all, masturbation, in essence is an expression of self –love. Perceptions and feelings toward masturbation is as a result of development process mostly to young adults. Take that opportunity to learn about your body and your sexual feelings. Masturbation is a healthy sexual activity. It has many benefits for your physical and mental health. Masturbation can be used as a strategy to improve sexual health, promote relational intimacy. Also, it can help one reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancy and STIs.