About Us

About Koawas

Time is fleeting but sex is long. Koawas stands for sexual liberation and awakening. Our vision is to build up a global-leading sexual health industrial group. About sex, we are the authority.

Koawas Sexual health researcher has been deeply rooted in the industry for 10 years. We are focus on improving the quality and health of sex life. We are eager to enhance blissful sensations for people from all over the world.

What makes Koawas unique

Quality Assurance

Koawas provides the global top selling brand authentic products, strictly selected healthy materials for male masturbator, women's sex toy, sexy lingerie, flirting toys, emotional lubrication and other products. We have obtained a number of international brand qualification certifications. Bestvibe never sell any Cheap Products. All of the products' pictures are from the real products and descriptions are consistent with actual products. We ship orders according to the nearest from our warehouse in the UK, USA Germany and Japan. Therefore, perfect qualifications, standardized supply channels, and efficient logistics centers are the keys to Koawas's product quality assurance.


Koawas sells products with the best price under premise of high quality through online direct sales, which eliminating need for shopping mall sharing and distributor fees, allowing customers to buy products of the same quality in sex toys store at a 50% or even 20% discount.

Attentive Service

Our international team consisted with 100 (and growing) staff members are ready for you in 24 hours a day. To advise, pack, pick and ship your orders from all over the world.Our customer service team (contact@Koawas.com) includes English, German, French and Spanish speakers to handle your issues with phone calls and emails. We provide 90 days Money Back Guarantee, if you are unhappy with our product, just contact our Customer service team, we're glad to slove your issue in 24 hours.All our products are tracked as standard, and we will ship your item before 6pm if you ordered before 5 pm.

Discreet Delivery

We strictly protect your personal privacy. From consultation, ordering, packaging, delivery, and signing, all processes are kept confidential.

Identity confidential

Your information is only used internally by our company, and no way to used for other purposes.

Plain packaging

There's no way of telling what's inside the package or who the sender is

No marking

There's no marking on the back or side of your parcel. The only markings are your address and carrier label.

Secret delivery

If you need deliver on your door. Don't worry if the delivery staff knows what it is in the package

Our past, present and future

Sex toys were used to associated with seedy, male-centric and indecent pornographic website, which is too guilty to announce. But Koawas stand for sex revolution, we decide to fight for sex pleasure and health of every single one.

10 years ago, Our founder started the business from only one computer, one desk, and one person in his study room.

Today, we are the global leader with international team of 100 (and growing) staff members to ship orders from our warehouses in the UK, USA, Germany and Japan, straight to your door.

In the future, we will keep on fighting for our vision, to build up a global leader sexual health industrial group.

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