A few years that have gone, sex toys for men was very scarce and uninspired. Men form a good percentage of the population that goes to buy sex toys in the sex toys shops. Some sources report that the percentage of men who make up the sex toy market is actually much higher. As the sex toy market widen, different brands have created more innovative toys that better satisfy a man or individual wants and needs. If you are a man and in need of a sex toy, try to find yourself the best toys that will serve you to the maximum. We are going to discuss below some of the best sex toys recommended for men.

Cock Rings

Cock rings are worn around the base of the penis and sometimes around the testicles to make erection harder, bigger and long lasting. This toy is the best for introduction to accessorized male pleasure. It normally have an offensive appearance and non-penetrative function. Cock rings come in different materials, from flexible silicon and rubber to leather and metal. If you need to spice things with your partner, this device is great for you for it will maintain a hard erection as vibration or anal beads offer up other uses.


For the ultimate solo stimulation, you need a male masturbator. For that man who is looking for extra pleasure away from backside, consider the masturbation sleeve. Male masturbators are known for taking one to another level of paradise. It is so much easier to indulge in wildest fantasies with male masturbators. This toys feel much better than more traditional methods. Solo masturbators not only make solo masturbation more enjoyable, but also keeps sex safe where you can still get your rocks off but never have to worry about sexually transmitted diseases. This toys are not complicated or difficult to use. A man can easily adapt its use and continue using it with no problem at all.

male masturbator


Portable massagers use vibrations to warm muscles tissue and increase blood flow to the area. If you are looking to hit the P-spot from home without particularly invasive penetration, then it is a prostate massager that looking for. Many of this toys come in skin friendly materials which is silicone, vibrating to stimulate the prostate for a more intensely felt orgasm. Glass and metal will give a brave and colder sensation.

Dildos, plugs and beads

This sex toys are normally used during sex- either partnered or in solo sex to enhance an individual’s orgasm. Anal beads look like a variety of bulbs attached to a cord with a grip on one end. These toys are meant for insertion into the anus, and the end grip should make them easy to remove. What stimulates the sensitive nerves at the entrance of the anus and increase sexual pleasure is the insertion and removal of sexual beads. Dildos, plugs and beads range from small to large size depending on the experience and comfort that you want to receive through the anal penetration. Using these toys can enhance pleasure in almost any sex act for every one including partner combination.

Hummer plus ultimate blow job male masturbator

The Hummer BJ Machine comes with a glow-in-the-dark, textured sleeve made of stretchy TPE with a built-in pleasure ring. Hummer Blow Job provide a better experience as they are completely hands free. This innovation has made masturbation possible and comfortable without the use of hands. How great is this? One doesn’t need to do the typical hand movement that is sometimes tiresome during masturbation. All you need to do is just to sit back and enjoy the pleasure. The pulse ensure that the soft flexible silicone sleeve moves up and down in an automatic, rhythmic way. The device is able to give you almost the exact feeling offered by the real mouth.

Tenga smart vibe ring

The smart vibe are a selection of silicone vibrating rings that is used during sex intercourse. They have been designed elegantly, yet extremely powerful. The special design of this sex toy makes it natural fit for its intended form of pleasure. The good thing about this device is that, it enhances the sensations of partnered pleasure, for the ultimate addition to sex life. It also gives the fingers an extra boost in sensation.

Hard Drive Penis Extender

If you ever found yourself concerned with your penis length, then this is the best sex tool for you. Many health experts will tell you that size does not matter. What matters is how you are going to use the penis that you already have. If your penis is not long enough according to you, why not boost your confidence with penis extender? Penis extender will help one stay harder and for longer during sex intercourse. It also provides extra length and girth, as well as textured nodules on the outside to blow your partners mind.

Numan Delay Spray

The delay spray is a tailored topical to treat premature ejaculation.  You may be wondering how you are going to heal from premature ejaculation. Don’t worry, you have got the answer right here with you. Numan’s Delay Spray is what you exactly need to improve your sex life. It works as a mild anesthetic to reduce sensitivity and allow men to perform for a longer period without taking away from the pleasure aspect.

Mystery Vibe Tenuto

This sex toy is a wearable, smart vibrator for men developed to help increase performance,  while simultaneously generating pleasure for both partners. It features six vibration zones, from the base of the penis all the way to the perineum, each of which is independently programmable either on the device itself or by mobile app. This sex device is no ordinary sex toy. This toy is effectively and highly pleasurable coat of arms for your penis, stretching around the genitalia to make your manhood part a machine. Mystery vibe Tenuto can enhance the duration and potency of sex, intensifying pleasure and intimacy for both partners.