Anal Vibrators

    Women and men enjoy anal vibrators and vibrating butt plugs for their anal stimulation. Most anal vibrators feature a thin shaft for easy insertion and bumps or ridges for stimulation, but Adam & Eve manufactures large, realistic vibrating toys.

    Koawas sex toys are designed for anal stimulation, and are popular with women and men. The most popular anal vibrators have a slim shaft and bumps or ridges for stimulation.
    Many anal vibrators have flexible shafts for ease of positioning in order to make them more prostate friendly. One of the primary uses of anal vibrators is for prostate massage; stimulating the prostate can produce extremely powerful male orgasms and is often called the "male G-spot".
    When you utilize vibrating butt plugs for anal play, you will get the same "full" feeling. As always, it is recommended that you use an anal lube with your vibrating butt plugs.
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